When I arrived in the Lofoten Islands in late April 2022 after 4674 miles driving through France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, I planned to spend 6 weeks exploring the Islands and then head the 4000+ miles home again. 2 days later as snow fell around my farm stay I quickly realised it would not be long enough to really experience this beautiful place. So I ended up staying until October when Autumn had come and the night skies were lit up by the Aurora.

Panorama of the Aurora Borealis over Sagfjorden in Nordland Norway

Located in the Arctic Circle it is a place known for it’s winter scenery, but summer was my favourite time, with the midnight sun allowing for incredible all night hikes with the best views and sunsets I have ever seen from the mountain tops. It is a place you could spend a lifetime hiking all the peaks, each one with a view that takes your breath away.

I was dreaming of Lofoten before I saw hit place with my own eyes, and now back in the UK I am still dreaming of Lofoten.

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Panorama of a frozen lake Majavatnet in winter in Norway