The Gallery Frames showcase your Glass Print in an exquisite 7cm thick Tuscany Frame and is available in 3 styles as shown below.

Please view my Size Guide if you need help choosing the right size for your home.

Just like the Glass prints, your print is first bonded to museum-grade plexiglass which blocks 98% of UV light and is highly resistant to weather, temperature & humidity changes, resulting in the best possible archival-life. The back of the print is then mounted to 3mm thick aluminium to add support and fully protect the print, before being beautifully framed.

Gallery Frames are produced in Germany and the USA for worldwide delivery. Please check the postage costs for your country on the checkout page which can be substantial for large Gallery Frames outside of Europe and North America.


48×16 Inches (120x40cm) Print >>>> 60×27 Inches (150x70cm)

60×20 Inches (150x50cm) Print >>>> 73×33 Inches (185x85cm)

75×25 Inches (180x60cm) Print >>>> 85×37 Inches (215x95cm)

90×30 Inches (225x25cm) Print >>>> 106×47 Inches (270x120cm)