Perpetual Floating Prints use the Xpozer system made in Europe and shipped worldwide, they are a lightweight and simple solution to hanging art. Your print is directly mounted to a self assembly frame and floats from your wall and is easily changed within minutes by you.

Xpozer Prints are scratch and wear resistant, anti-glare, so you can enjoy your photo even in direct sunlight. They are even water resistant to be used in the bathroom and can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.

With all my work you own the right to the edition of the print, so should any accidental damage happen to the print it can be replaced for only the cost of materials. Whilst they are hard wearing and much stronger than normal paper prints, they can be damaged if handled them roughly or accidentally dropped, so for peace of mind I have a guarantee should you accidentally damage the print when putting it together I will give a one time free replacement.

All Xpozer prints come rolled up in a small package and may be delivered directly to you from the printer. They are easy to repackage for future transport no matter what size you order.

Please view my Size Guide if you need help choosing the right size for your home. Perpetual Prints are available in 48×16 (120x40cm) 60×20 (150x50cm) and 75×25 (180x60cm) sizes.

Using this unique system that allows simple and quick print changes along with cheaper delivery costs I am able to offer “Perpetual Prints”, my print new swap service. So if in a week, month or year you fancy a change of scenery in your home you can swap your print for only the cost price of a replacement to any print in my collections and you can do this as many times as your heart desires! Please note that your original print needs to be returned to me for the swap.

With all my prints you own the right to the edition, so you can also upgrade to a different size or medium in the future if you move home and would prefer a Framed or Glass print.

Replacement Print Cost

The prices below include delivery, however delivery cost to certain countries may be extra. To order a replacement print please Contact me.

48×16 Inch (120x40cm) Perpetual Print £55

60×20 Inch (150x50cm) Perpetual Print £70

75×25 Inch (180x60cm) Perpetual Print £80